Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

MY oh MY! Where has the time gone! I must apologize for not blogging in weeks. Life here in Haiti has been crazy busy, but some of the best crazy busy days have passed since I last blogged and I will fill you in on some of them.

October 31st arrived, and it was one of the happiest days in our ministry. We opened the doors to Hope Baptist Church. It was so nice to have Brandon's parents and grandpa here. It was such a special time for Brandon and I as we watched Grandpa preach the first service. It has now been 4 weeks since the opening of the church and we have had an average of 125 every week. We have seen at least 7 souls saved. God is blessing and it is so awesome to see HIM work through us!

We had a great time at our Halloween party! It was so fun to see everyone jump in and play along! With trick-or-treating from room to room to coming up with unique costumes, everyone had such a great time!

Several teams have passed through the guesthouse in the last couple of months and we have met some great people. It is fun to get to know everyone on the teams and sad when they leave as we form a special bond with each person!

What a special time for me ths month, as I was able to interpret for Virginia Grounds of Victim Relief Ministries. As we spoke to ladies in several different areas here in Haiti, we watched as unsure faces turned to faces that were happy to hear the encouragement Virginia gave to all these hurting ladies. I was honored and humbled to stand beside this Godly ladies as she ministered the women of Haiti.

Thanksgiving day was so special this year, with a "family" to share it with! What a joy it was to cook with the GLA staff and listen to Christmas carols! The feast was amazing with lots of yummy food and wonderful desserts! I am so thankful for all the friends we have acquired here at GLA.

Today is December 1st and I just don't know where the time has gone but as I look back on the last month or so, I am excited to see that the time passed on good measures and we have seen God's hand in our lives!

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