Thursday, August 25, 2011

Welcome to My Crazy Life!

This may seem like a silly blog, but I don't think I have ever shared a week in the life of the Jordan Family! So here it goes:
Monday - We start the week of with a bang! I usually have a team leaving and a team coming so it is laundry, laundry and more laundry. After getting everyone fed, kids ready for school, and everyone out the door,I am ready to start our boy John with school. My workers and I prepare the rooms for the team that will be arriving which ranges from 5 - 12 (unless like this week, it will be 14)! Then it is off to the main house for the orphanage for staff meeting and dinner. We return to our home with the team and have an orientation to our home and set house rules! By the time we are finished, it is bath time for kids, short time of fellowship and off to bed we go!
Tuesday - It is up and at 'em for me at 6 am to prepare breakfast for the team and my family. Team is out the house by 7:40 and the kids are down to the school room by 8:15. Then it is off to another day of laundry! By mid afternoon, it is kitchen time to prepare supper for the team. (I cook for people staying in our home on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday evenings). After supper it is baths, some time fellowshipping and bed
Wednesday - Same morning routine; I usually take it easy on Wednesdays and do Sunday School things for my sunday school class! Then it is mainhouse for supper, english devotions, and then back up to our house in time for haitian church!
Thursday - WOW! same morning routine and same evening routine as Tuesday.
Friday - We get a break in the evenings and we usually do family pizza night before going pick up the team from the mainhouse!
Saturday - we take the team out for souvenirs and lunch
Sunday - Is an early morning! I wake at 5:45, set out breakfast, shower and get half way ready for church, get the kids up and fed, get them ready, get myself ready and then it is out the door by 8 am for Haitian Church, back to our house by 10:15 to go to English service and then the mainhouse for lunch. Ladies singing practice is at 2 pm and Teen haitian service is at 3 pm!

And we get up on Monday to do it all over again!!! I love my crazy life! God has given us so many opportunities to minister not only to Haitians but to Americans, Canadians, Australians, French!! It is awesome to see His hand it all that we do! So, welcome to a week in our crazy lives!!!

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  1. Nikki,

    As a "two-time" previous house guest of your family, it is clear that you certainly are blessed with the gift of "hosting". Quite something when you see your schedule all listed out!! It truly is a blessing to be a "Jordan houseguest". Thanks for all you do!! Your family and GLA continue to be a daily part of our family's thoughts and prayers,

    Deb Ohlman
    Hudsonville, MI. Hillcrest CRC