Friday, October 1, 2010

Feelings Friday

Every Friday, I make breakfast for all the volunteers and staff girls at the orphanage. It has been deemed "Feelings Friday" because Brandon gives a short devotional and then we allow the volunteers to share about their experiences here in Haiti. At times, it becomes a bit emotional as Haiti has that affect on people; thus, the name "Feelings Friday'. I love this time with the volunteers; it helps us to get to know them better and spend some time with them. This morning Brandon spoke on "Drawing Nigh To God". He just shared that as we work with the Haitian people we need to be close to God so that others see Him in us. We have a parent of one of the orphans here volunteering; he is from the Netherlands. Brandon asked if he would pray and he asked if he could do it in Dutch! What a blessing to see that here in Haiti, we share our home with so many people from all over the world, and have a wonderful opportunity to be a blessing to so many people.

Of course, I have to serve a hearty breakfast and this morning, I served Breakfast Enchiladas! They were so yummy, that I thought I would share the recipe with ya'll.................tomorrow! But for tonight, I will post a picture so you will be eager for it!

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