Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The View

The house was quiet yesterday morning; I snuck out of bed, made some coffee and headed to the balcony. It has been cloudy and rainy over the last few days and, therefore, has been chilly up here in the mountains. I grabbed my blanket, cofee, and bible and had some quiet time. The view from my balcony is just absolutely breathtaking. I am in awe of this country,this people. Such heartache, such resilience. God has placed us here at this time for this purpose: to reach them with the gospel. The Haitian people are open and eager to learn about Christ. As we are seeing up here in the mountains, many have not attended church, don't know the songs in the songbook. Down in the city, there are churches on every corner, people are singing church songs all the time. We have been given this opportunity, to start this church in the mountains of Haiti. Where God's beauty is all around us and some have never heard His name. I pray that these photos bless you as this scene blesses me every single day!

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