Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Saturday was a relaxing day at home. Sunday morning was a great service at Hope BaptistChurch. Brandon was able to share communion with the church and it was great to see their reaction. Brandon has been telling the people of the church that we are not a ritualistic church. We do not do things based on the rituals of the country but when God leads us to do them. Brandon had been praying about The Lord's Supper and felt like God would have us do it this Sunday. It really felt like a light came on with several of our members, and God moved among the people! Please continue to pray for these new Christians as we train them in the Word and not in rituals of a country. English service up on the mountain was a wonderful time to share with GLA staff and others who join each week to worship!

After church, we decided to join many of the staff on a ride up, up, up the beautiful mountain side to a log cabin retreat called "The Lodge"; it was absolutely breath taking! It was so relaxing to be away for a little while and bask in the beauty of God's creation! We had a wonderful lunch with our friends!

I love holidays! Every holiday is my favorite and so as the 4th rolled around I made sure I ordered my Old Navy t-shirts ahead of time! We proudly matched in our shirts! It is fun as the girls get older and know what holidays we are celebrating! They were so excited to get our matching outfits out to wear! After our team arrived that will be staying with us this week arrived, we had a light lunch and a little rest and then headed up to our Ft Jacque property for some fun, food, and fireworks! It is so awesome to have a family to share these moments with! Our GLA family have been such a blessing to us and we had a great time celebrating our independance with all of them! Happy 4th of July to all of our friends and family!!

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