Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Busy Productive Week

What a week! They all seem to fly by so quickly now a days! We had a great team in our home this weeks with such servant's hearts. They worked all week up at Ft Jacque on a home that will house a staff couple. Every evening, tired and weary, they would enter our home with just as much joy as they had left with in the morning; never a complaint, never a cross word. It is weeks like these that are so truly a blessing to us as we host them. At times, it is difficult when we have a team that complains of the work being too hard or that they didn't come to clean and paint, they came to play with babies. Teams like the one we had this week is what makes running a guesthouse easy on the soul; however, there are days that seem to be long when having people in and out of the house and you just want to run to a quiet place with no phones, no people, no questions, and no complaints! It weighs harder on me than Brandon and he seems to always carry it on his shoulders that is why I sucked it up and told him that I really wanted him to be able to go to Football Camp in Dwight, IL. I did so well and tried to cover the feelings of so desperately wanting to be the one to "get away" until the night he booked his ticket. I found myself crying! The next morning, Brandon and I had such a wonderful conversation and it helped me realize that none of us are perfect. So many times, I feel sooo guilty for those feeling; feelings of needing a break, or to get away, or to want to go shoe or clothes shopping. God is so gracious and loves us in spite of our selfishness! The rest of my weekend was wonderful as I looked past my selfishness and looked on others! I know that these things maybe aren't necessarily things that you may want to read about, but I want to be honest in all that I blog about!


  1. You are such a blessing, Nikki! Your posts always make me smile. God is so good to us all. One of the most awesome things about God is how we can pour out our feelings to Him and He never wearies. I have done that more than my fair share of times. :) Thank you for sharing your sweet thoughts.