Saturday, July 2, 2011

Some past happenings

To bring everyone up to date, I thought I would blog a little this evening on a few happenings since my last post. The new year brought many great things for our family and ministry. On January 12, I had the awesome opportunity to sing for a crusade that a missionary friend of ours had. It marked the year anniversary of the tragic earthquake that took place in the country. However, we didn't focus on the loss, we celebrated the life that we are so thankful to still have to serve God in an even bigger capacity. Going into this experience, I truly felt inadequate to sing in front of so many people, but I felt like God would have me do it. As I thought about this, I joked with a couple friends of mine who are awesome vocalist and told them that they needed to come and help me sing; next thing I know they are coming! I prepared a medley in English/Kreyol of a song written by my friend Betsy, who was on her way to sing with me along with another dear friend Nathan. Their plane was delayed and I had to take the stage by myself; I was amazed at the peace and confidence that God gave me. On one part of the song I had incorporated "Amazing Grace" and it was amazing to hear thousands upon thousands of Haitians, those who had lost loved ones, homes, and everything that they had, join me in singing. God showed me that day thay He uses any and all talents that we have if we allow Him! Betsy, Nathan, Melissa, and I were able to touch many lives with our voices. We were able to share the love, healing and hope that we have in Jesus Christ!

February brought in some great teams and friends that we have made. One team came not knowing where they were staying or who they were staying with. We built a strong bond with them as they told us of their love for church planting. They were such a blessing to our family as we sat with them on the final night of their stay and heard their blessing and prayers for each one of our family members.

March we were able to take a short vacation for 9 days to Orlando. Disney World is alot of hard work but it was worth it to see the excitement on the children's faces!

Since the beginning of the year, we have held 2 baptisms, baptizing 8 precious haitian people. Our church continues to grow and we are running out of room. We have so many faithful members. I have, also, started a ladies singing group. It is exciting to me to be able to start this group and get to know the young ladies who come each week to practice.

April brought a broken leg for our little girl Kylee. I now do not like trampolines very well! Thankfully we are surrounded by great nurses and doctors who were able to help us in every possible way, even in casting it!

May 26th, I was able to share 10 years with my wonderful husband. We had a staff outing planned that fell on the weekend of our anniversary so we spent the weekend at the beach! It was so nice and relaxing to get away from the busyness of life!

Two weeks ago, we had a team of college students who helped us conduct a teen conference and a VBS! It was great to have the help with these activities!

Summer is here and busy, but I will definitely try to keep up the blogging! Just in this blog, it is encourgaging to see the accomplishments!!

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