Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Lazy Saturday

Not often do we just sit around on a Saturday. We usually have a house full of people seeing as our home is a guesthouse; but on this lovely Saturday, our house is empty and a team won't arrive until Monday. So, we took advantage of the opportunity and slept in, sat around and drank coffee, and made cupcakes for Sunday School. Then daddy decided he wanted to treat the family to dinner at the Baptist Haiti Mission! So, off we went to eat some hamburgers and french fries. We all wanted to splurge on some icecream but the machine wasn't working (bummer!). We came home and got things ready for tomorrow's church service and played some ball on the balcony, enjoying the beauty of this country. Children are bathed and I am sitting enjoying the cool breeze and the quietness of the evening! Mood - Content!

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