Saturday, September 18, 2010

A beautiful Beginning to a Wonderful Day

A great start to a new day here in the mountains of Haiti. It was nice to relax and enjoy time with my family this morning. I have a bad habit of letting all the little things take up all my time and I never stop to enjoy the little things in my life, such as my children. Kofee was not feeling well and I snuggled him all morning. It was so relaxing!

Later in the day we decided to have all the GLA staff over for supper. It was a wonderful evening of food, fun and fellowship with a group of people that have become our family here in Haiti. As I said before, I love to cook and everyone has to eat so, I made yummy homemade pizzas. The first was "Chicken and Bacon Alfredo Pizza" and the second was "Crawfish Alfredo Pizza". Both were so yummy! I love the cajun flair in the crawfish pizza! Our games were fun too with lots of laughs! I find it so amazing how such individual people can come together from all around the world and have so much in common; but I think the thing that brings us all together is our precious Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! Well, that was our great day! I will post my pizza recipe soon!!

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