Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not Doing Much of Anything!

One of my dear friends texted me this afternoon and asked what I was up to; this was my reply; "Not much of anything. I am doing school with John, doing laundry, making cookies for Brandon, getting the house ready for Edward (one of our guest who is spending the weekend), and making a roux (the base of a gumbo, for those who do not know). Wow! guess I am doing more than I thought!" What a busy but good day! Kofee seemed much better than yesterday until we got to the main house (which is the baby house for the orphanage). He then became very cranky and I had to leave bible study because he wouldn't stop crying. Brandon was gone most of the day doing distribution of supplies that the orphanage is still receiving. It is such a blessing to be associated with such a wonderful organization who allows us to have access to some of the supplies to distribute to the first church we worked with. Brandon came back feeling so wonderful and blessed as he was thanked and hugged and kissed by our former church people. I love these kinds of days when I get so many things accomplished. Did I mention that I had to put the girls in long sleeves this morning because it was sooo chilly! God is so good to give us those little things that we miss from the states. I am anxious for December and January; everyone says it gets super chilly up here in the mountains! Hope everyone had as great a day as I did!

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