Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Monday!

The Week is off to a great start! School is in full swing for the week. We started John doing ACE this year and he is doing sooo good. Bailee and Kylee are enjoying their dvd classes and I enjoy that we have a wonderful teacher for them.

Today was Amanda's birthday. Amanda is a teacher at an english school here in Haiti and also helps at the orphanage. Molly and Joyce were making cupcakes for this wonderful occasion. As we set the cupcakes out of the oven and placed them on the counter, we started making cards for Amanda; we started putting everything away and went for the cupcakes. We noticed that the cupcakes were almost walking away! Why you might ask?? We have these very annoying minute ants here in the wonderful country of Haiti, and they LOVE sweets! We were devastated as we looked at the cupcakes and saw them covered in the ants. So, we set off on a mission to get the ants OFF of the cupcakes. I think we succeeded and frosted them so that noone knew the difference except us and the ants!! Oh the joys of living in a third world country!

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