Monday, September 27, 2010

Cherish the precious times - they past so fast

What!!! 6:45 a.m.!!!!!! OH NO! I didn't wake up to serve our guest breakfast before he left!!!!! I didn't even hear anyone leave the house. Then I look down and all snuggled in my arms, is my precious baby boy! How could I not stay in bed when I have such a sweet little bundle of joy sound asleep in my arms!

It was a great start to a new week; school, laundry, workout, staff meeting, supper, preparation for tomorrow's school, Veggie Tales with my sweet girls, and now snuggling again with that sweet little bundle of joy as he watches his favorite show "Popeye"!

God gives us so many blessings in our lives and they are so often taken for granted. As one of my workers arrived to work this morning, she seemed down; I began speaking with her about her weekend and, just as so many Haitians, is living in a tent. Due to the horrible weather over the weekend, she lost her tent. It took her 4 1/2 hours to reach her home on Friday after leaving my house. My heart broke for her as she tried to have a good attitude, but was just so sad. This is just one story of many here in Haiti. From Brandon's visits over the weekend, he learned of a deaf woman who was under the rubble after the quake, she was there for 4 days, was dug out, and left for dead. She was thrown in a hole with dead bodies. When she awoke from her unconscious state, she found herself in the midst of all these bodies. She worked her way out and began stumbling around. She was covered in blood, had a broken arm, but was found by her mother who had been searching for her since the day of the quake. As Brandon talked with this woman face to face, he was reminded of God's goodness to us and how thankful we should be for the life that we have in HIM. She was in great spirits and praised God for saving her!

Well, look forward to sharing this week! Happy Monday!

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