Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Lord's Day - A day to Glorify HIM!

Brandon started out his morning early and headed to the tent city in Petionville; this is one of the largest tent cities with over 55,000 people. This particular tent city is run by none other that actor, Sean Penn (who is not a Christian), but he has placed all his confidence in a national pastor who is doing amazing things in this tent city. Brandon has become very close to Pastor Sinser and preaches for him often. Over the course of the week, we Check Spellinghave had a very special visitor in our home, Edward Smith. Edward is with an organization called Victim Relief Ministries and he is a chaplain. He travels to different disaster areas and gives grievance counselling. He also preaches. On Friday evening, we received some very bad winds and rains; it hit the tent cities hard. Pastor Sinser called Brandon and shared with him that the main tent, the sanctuary, had fallen. On Saturday, they went to see Pastor Sinser to encourage him and in turn they were encouraged as they saw a group of young men working hard to restore the tent. This morning in the heat of the sun, Brandon and Edward ministered to over 200 Haitians, who despite no tent and despite the heat, came to worship God! A God who sees and hears their cries and knows their hardships. They worked all day today and were able to put the tent back up for a sanctuary of praise and worship to the Almighty God! Another week has come and gone. I am ready for this new week and to share with you our wonderful lives in the precious land of Haiti.

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