Friday, September 24, 2010


Friday, Yeah! Friday is so long as i do homeschooling with all three of my children and one little munchkin running here, there, and everywhere. Today, I put grilling on the menu (which means less work for me!!). I love when Brandon grills because I just have to make the sides. Tonight, he made wonderful shishkabobs, and corn on the cob, and I made rice dressing and a salad with fresh avacados. I can't help but feel guilty as we sit down to a wonderful meal and tents are flying away from hurricane winds. Power lines and trees are down in Port au Prince. In one of the major tent cities, Pastor Sincer calls Brandon to tell him that his huge church tent has fallen. I praise God for His safety on our family here in the mountains, but can't help but think about all those poor homeless people down in the city. Wet and cold, hungry and hopeless. As I think about these things, it makes me thankful for a husband that has a heart for these dear people. On October 31st, we will be holding our first service of Hope Baptist Church. We have prayed for so long for open doors and God has just thrown them wide open. When I look back at a year ago when we were praying for God's guidance and it seemed like every door was shut, and then to throw a major earthquake in the mix pulling us from our home and all that we held dear. God had a plan in all these situations. Today, on this Friday, I am thankful for clear guidance and a perfect will for our lives. I look forward to sharing our church with all of you! Have a great weekend ya'll!

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